Breakfast Casserole

Everyone needs a yummy go-to make ahead breakfast casserole…for special occasions, weekend guests, a random Saturday!  Whatever the reason, this is the one I always lean on.  You can make it ahead, and the next morning, you just pop it into the oven.  Your guests will think you’re a rock star or a magician…because they’ll never see you work!   Yet, a wonderful dish will magically appear.  Most of these casseroles are similar.  Some kind of breakfast type meat…sausage, bacon, ham.  Then there’s eggs, bread and cheese.  The difference in this one is instead of bread, we use seasoned croutons.  Tons of flavor, and it’s easy!  This is our Christmas morning breakfast every year.  Enjoy! Continue reading “Breakfast Casserole”

Maple Candied Bacon and Jalapeno Topped Deviled Eggs

Oh wow.  That’s all I can say about this one.  We had this as an appetizer in a barbecue restaurant.  I think this would make a great addition to your tailgate party.  Deviled eggs may seem like bridal shower food…but trust me, I’ve seen manly men devour these in one bite!  Anyway…It was such an interesting combo of flavors and so delicious, I knew I had to come home and try to re-create it.  Also, my son loved the crispy sweet bacon that topped the eggs so much that he tried to order it without the eggs…yes…he asked the waitress if the chef could give him a bowl of candied bacon!   Continue reading “Maple Candied Bacon and Jalapeno Topped Deviled Eggs”