Texas Caviar

So I’ve had this post on deck since New Year’s…but, honestly, life events seem to intervene every time I think about posting.  It has been an eventful 2017 so far…some good, some not always so good.  But, nevertheless, busy.  I won’t bore anyone with details…sickness, life changes and decisions that we all deal with when it comes to our aging parents, lots of work related events and oh, my husband’s grandmother celebrated 100 years!  That was a good time.  The whole family gathered here for a surprise party to honor her.  Anyway, better late than never.  Hope your 2017 has treated you well.  And, by the way, this recipe is good for any occasion, including a summer cook out.                                           We’ve all heard that for good luck in the new year, you are supposed to have your serving of black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day.  I didn’t necessarily just want to have a pot of beans on the stove, although, that’s never a bad thing.  So, we found this cold dish using the peas in a type of salsa years ago.  We have it every year.  I usually make it on New Year’s Eve, and if we’re going to a party at someone’s house, it’s the perfect thing to take.  Then, I have more leftover at the house so we can snack on it the next day while we’re watching football.  Not sure if the “good luck” superstition holds true…but we don’t chance it!  LOL. Continue reading “Texas Caviar”