Cornbread Dressing

Growing up in Texas, I didn’t know about “stuffing” at Thanksgiving.  We had “dressing.”  It was made from cornbread, and we would have never dreamed of sticking it in unspeakable places inside a turkey carcass.  Ewww.  Just saying’.  If you’re into that…rock on.  But we cooked ours in a casserole dish and served it as a side dish that was yummy either with or without some gravy on top.  And, of course, we just ended up mixing everything together on the plate anyway…dressing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, etc.  I know that may scare those of you who don’t want your foods to touch!  That’s ok!  So, as we approach the big feast day…I felt it was important to include this in my “Twelve Weeks of Holiday” series.  Although I will not be completing this dish until the big day.  So, the pictures will have to come later!  For now, I will include a couple of pics from last year’s feast! Continue reading “Cornbread Dressing”