Baby Food Carrot Cake

To me, recipes are all about family, memories and the times we’ve shared while enjoying them.  And, the best recipes are handed down from generation to generation and family to family.  That’s how I got many of my recipes and ideas, including this one from my brother-in-law’s family.  We were all together one summer celebrating my niece’s birthday, and this is the cake she chose to be the star of her party. Continue reading “Baby Food Carrot Cake”

Chocolate Chip Cake

These days most of the recipes I write or read about are all stored digitally.  It’s certainly convenient to be able to just do a search and up pops what you’re looking for.  But sometimes I really miss pouring over actual cookbooks, magazines and bits of looseleaf paper or index cards with old family recipes scribbled down. Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Cake”