Stuffed Tenderloin

So…I had this post written before Christmas, and I had the best of intentions to share it way back then.  However, a combination of the busy craziness of the holidays, a post Christmas trip to New York, family illness and trying to re-enter the atmosphere of back to work afterward kept me away from my usual posts!  So, maybe you will be able to enjoy our traditional Christmas meal next year for yours…or just any special occasion you might have coming up in the new year.  And…FYI, in all the chaos, I forgot to snap a photo of the finished product…so, you’ll see all the steps up to that point!  LOL.  But trust me, it’s amazing!  On with the original post!   Continue reading “Stuffed Tenderloin”

Marinated Flank Steak

I was introduced to this dish by my mother-in-law.  I was told early on in my marriage that this was my husband’s favorite birthday dinner, and I would need to learn how to make it for him.  I happily accepted the challenge, and it has become a favorite of mine as well.  It presents itself as a fancy dish that looks like you worked really hard…good news…it’s quite simple.  Even better news…it’s special enough for company or a celebration, but it’s perfect for just high-fiving the fact that the whole family was able to make it to the table to share a meal together on a week night!   Continue reading “Marinated Flank Steak”

Game Day Chili

This is the perfect time of year for a good hearty chili.  Whether you’re watching a game with friends, hosting movie night or just having one of those relaxing weekends with nothing planned and pjs for days…this one never disappoints. Continue reading “Game Day Chili”

Slow Cooker Sunday Roast

One of my awesome blog followers, Erin, was asking if I have any slow cooker recipes.  I told her it was so funny that she asked because I had just been going over recipes trying to find a slow cooker recipe to post!  I love the convenience, versatility and fantastic results you can get with a slow cooker.  So, here goes…

Being in the radio business sometimes feels like working under the big top.  It’s never the same show twice, you meet lots of interesting characters, you move around a lot, and you never know when you’ll be asked to ride an elephant…I did ride one in 1999 by the way.  Among the characters/great friends we met, was a radio veteran in Augusta, Georgia.  His name was Jon..we knew him as Mark…and he was an admirer of a vintage Mercedes, a classic southern home, fine wine and gourmet cooking. Continue reading “Slow Cooker Sunday Roast”