Green Bean Bundles

I have to say that when I first heard of this dish, I though it was one of the most unusual combinations of flavors ever.  We were visiting my husband’s family for Christmas, and my mother-in-law was preparing the big feast.  I started to smell the most amazing aroma coming from the kitchen.  I went exploring to find a mixture of brown sugar, butter and garlic warming on top of the stove.  This was the start of what I would later learn was something called green bean bundles.  They were these elegant little bundles of fresh green beans, wrapped up in bacon and baked in this luxurious sauce that was bubbling away on the stove.  We always serve these bundles alongside our stuffed tenderloin for Christmas.  They appear super fancy, but come together very easily… making them perfect for a holiday gathering, or anytime you want a slightly unique veggie side dish.   Continue reading “Green Bean Bundles”

Maple Candied Bacon and Jalapeno Topped Deviled Eggs

Oh wow.  That’s all I can say about this one.  We had this as an appetizer in a barbecue restaurant.  I think this would make a great addition to your tailgate party.  Deviled eggs may seem like bridal shower food…but trust me, I’ve seen manly men devour these in one bite!  Anyway…It was such an interesting combo of flavors and so delicious, I knew I had to come home and try to re-create it.  Also, my son loved the crispy sweet bacon that topped the eggs so much that he tried to order it without the eggs…yes…he asked the waitress if the chef could give him a bowl of candied bacon!   Continue reading “Maple Candied Bacon and Jalapeno Topped Deviled Eggs”