Turkey “Hands”

When my son was in pre-school and K-2nd grades, I used to make these little treats to hand out to his classmates at the Thanksgiving party.  It was a nice little “thinking of you” handout to send them home with before the holiday.  There’s really no cooking involved unless you choose to bake the cookies.  Otherwise, you can use store bought cookies, and it becomes more of a craft.  Here’s all you need…

  • store bought or baked cookies of your choice
  • construction paper or card stock
  •  scissors and markers
  • plastic wrap and tape

Wrap each cookie in plastic wrap, and secure with a piece of tape.  Trace and cut out your child’s hand shape on the construction paper or card stock.  Cut out a “turkey head” shape and adhere to the front of the cookie “body”.  Cut out eyes, nose and waddle, adhering each to turkey head.  Write “I’m thankful for my friends” on the hand…putting one word on each finger.  Adhere the hand to the back of the cookie as the “feathers.”