About Me

Hi! My name is Debbie. I am a working mom with a teenage son and a hubby who sometimes acts like a teen.  My son and husband are avid golfers, leaving me many weekends to chase the little white ball on the golf course for hours at a time.  You might think I get lonely…but trust me, I’m okay with some solitude every now and then.  Did I mention that I also work with my husband?  Yes…we co-host a radio show every day, after day, after day.  But I love it.  I also have always loved food and cooking.  The time I have alone on weekends gives me a chance to create yummy dishes…and sometimes epic fails in the kitchen!  And yes, my teenage son can be my biggest fan…or worst critic.  So many times I hear the question, “What’s for dinner?”  Well, now I can tell them, “That’s what’s for dinner.”  I look forward to this new adventure in sharing my passion with you!  And by the way…I have a precious 10 year old cockapoo named Frisky.  He insisted on being a part of all this!  Thanks for visiting!