Homemade Butter

When my son was in pre-K, his sweet teacher let them make their own butter in class just before the holidays.  The kids had so much fun discovering that you could, with just a couple of ingredients, create butter.  And, it kept them busy for a while!  She shared the recipe with the parents, and we have made it a couple of times with great success.  He is 15 now and no longer impressed with such activities!  I miss those days!

Use any jar you have.  The first time we made it, we emptied and cleaned out a Hooter’s Wing Sauce jar, which is funny since the recipe came from our son’s pre-school teacher at the church!


Shake shake shake…


It starts to come together as your arm starts to fall off! And after it gets past the whipped cream stage, you’ll start to notice liquid separating that you can periodically carefully pour off…


When you’ve poured as much water off as you can, it looks like butter!  I put it in a bowl and mixed in salt to taste…


Then I rolled it up in parchment paper in a log shape and popped it in the fridge to chill…



  • 1 pint of heavy whipping cream
  • salt to taste


Place cream in a jar with a tight fitting lid, leaving at least 50% air to cream ratio.  Shake the jar long length until cream starts to separate.  This can take a long time, but if you have a couple of kids and parents involved you can let everyone take a turn.  As it separates, you will notice liquid coming away from the fats.  Occasionally empty the liquid to allow the cream to continue to form butter fats.  After most of the water is poured off (careful not to let the cream slide out) add a bit of salt.  Continue shaking to blend.  Once it’s the consistency of very soft butter, place in the fridge to chill.  When it’s firm you can shape into a log to serve with bread and biscuits.  And you can always jazz it up before chilling by adding honey, garlic and chives, parmesan and Italian seasonings or jam.