DIY Panini Bar

I love a good panini.  But, until I got a panini press, I thought I could only get them in a restaurant.  I since learned that even without a panini press, it is possible to make the tasty sandwiches at home using a skillet and another pan on top of the sandwich weighted down with a heavy can or foil covered brick.  But, the press was actually affordable…so I treated myself.  It is the ultimate customizable sandwich. Continue reading “DIY Panini Bar”

Two-Cheese Grilled Cheese

It may sound ridiculously basic and simple…but is there anything more sinfully delicious than a grilled cheese sandwich?  It’s always the one thing my son will agree to when he shoots down every other idea I present to him.  He always asks, “Do we have that cheese I like?”  The cheese to which he is referring is gruyere.  I have recently discovered the beauty and versatility of this wonderfully melty cheese, and I can’t believe I wasted all these years passing it by at the cheese counter!

Continue reading “Two-Cheese Grilled Cheese”