Texas Caviar

So I’ve had this post on deck since New Year’s…but, honestly, life events seem to intervene every time I think about posting.  It has been an eventful 2017 so far…some good, some not always so good.  But, nevertheless, busy.  I won’t bore anyone with details…sickness, life changes and decisions that we all deal with when it comes to our aging parents, lots of work related events and oh, my husband’s grandmother celebrated 100 years!  That was a good time.  The whole family gathered here for a surprise party to honor her.  Anyway, better late than never.  Hope your 2017 has treated you well.  And, by the way, this recipe is good for any occasion, including a summer cook out.                                           We’ve all heard that for good luck in the new year, you are supposed to have your serving of black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day.  I didn’t necessarily just want to have a pot of beans on the stove, although, that’s never a bad thing.  So, we found this cold dish using the peas in a type of salsa years ago.  We have it every year.  I usually make it on New Year’s Eve, and if we’re going to a party at someone’s house, it’s the perfect thing to take.  Then, I have more leftover at the house so we can snack on it the next day while we’re watching football.  Not sure if the “good luck” superstition holds true…but we don’t chance it!  LOL. Continue reading “Texas Caviar”

Sausage Balls

This is an old recipe from Jimmy Dean.  It goes way back to my childhood…and maybe yours, too!  My mom would make a big batch of these at the holidays and keep them warm in the crock pot.  We’d snack on them as long as they lasted on the buffet.  My son shares a love for these yummy little cheesy sausage bites.  Long ago, I used to make a bunch of appetizers and host an appetizer party the night before Thanksgiving.  Things over the years changed, and due to work and time constraints, that was no longer an option.  But, these apps survived, and now they make an appearance as a quick Thanksgiving breakfast bite.  We also make a sweet treat
to go with them, and that will be the subject of another post.  However, Sausage Bites are the next addition in my Twelve Weeks of Holiday series! Continue reading “Sausage Balls”

Maple Candied Bacon and Jalapeno Topped Deviled Eggs

Oh wow.  That’s all I can say about this one.  We had this as an appetizer in a barbecue restaurant.  I think this would make a great addition to your tailgate party.  Deviled eggs may seem like bridal shower food…but trust me, I’ve seen manly men devour these in one bite!  Anyway…It was such an interesting combo of flavors and so delicious, I knew I had to come home and try to re-create it.  Also, my son loved the crispy sweet bacon that topped the eggs so much that he tried to order it without the eggs…yes…he asked the waitress if the chef could give him a bowl of candied bacon!   Continue reading “Maple Candied Bacon and Jalapeno Topped Deviled Eggs”

Watermelon Bites with Feta and Mint

We are blessed with a wonderful group of friends, and it seems there’s always a get-together or celebration of something…and sometimes nothing…just toasting to friendships.  You don’t really need a reason.  But, no matter the occasion, you can bet there will be food!  Most of the time, everyone brings an appetizer or dessert, and we just graze on a huge buffet.  A couple of years ago I ran across this super unusual and refreshing appetizer.  Continue reading “Watermelon Bites with Feta and Mint”

Lincoln’s Fresh Texas Salsa

In case you didn’t know, we are originally from Texas.  We grew up eating all things Tex-Mex.  We love the freshness, the flavors and the spice.  When we were home visiting my husband’s family a few years ago, his sister, Beth,  treated us to a wonderful dinner of fajitas with all the trimmings.  Making an appearance in the appetizer round was a big batch of fresh homemade salsa prepared by our nephew, Lincoln. Continue reading “Lincoln’s Fresh Texas Salsa”

Asian Chicken Cups

Quite a number of years ago, my sweet cousin Terri told me about this dish I had to try at a restaurant that had just opened near her home in Dallas.  The restaurant, although it was new to us at the time, turned out to be the famous chain P.F. Chang’s…and the dish was their signature lettuce wraps.  They have always been a favorite, and I decided I needed to be able to make them at home.  After all, you can’t always get to the restaurant when you have that craving.  So, I experimented with a little of this and a little of that.  And, after some trial and error, I think it got pretty close!  Then, I thought I would make it a little more party friendly.   And, instead of lettuce, I put it in a wonton cup and baked it in the oven for a handy little grab and go pick up app for any gathering.   Continue reading “Asian Chicken Cups”

Tortilla Roll-Ups

Have you ever been asked to bring a quick easy appetizer to a party?  If you’re like me, you can think of tons of dishes when no one is pressuring you to deliver.  But with the clock ticking and your aim to make everyone happy…what will you choose?  I love something that’s fast and travels well without a lot of fuss..like worrying about it falling over in the car and looking like a hot mess when I get to my destination. Continue reading “Tortilla Roll-Ups”